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Independent Consultants Fail

15 Reasons Independent Consultants Fail

Are you one of the great independent consultants out there? You have lots of expertise in your area of business. You are waiting for the contracts to roll in, but they don’t. Or, you start off with a flurry of work, and it quickly dries up. What’s going wrong?

Here are 15 main reasons why independent consultants fail. The fails fall broadly into three main categories: business set-up, client communications, and the consultant’s own behaviors.

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Successful Consulting Business

10 Proven Tips for Running a Successful Consulting Business

The best decision I’ve made is to run a successful consulting business from home, but it is not a hit and run kind of affair. It takes hard work, self-motivation, dedication, discipline, and consistency to guarantee success and give value to clients.

Here are 10 proven tips every consultant should partake to thrive and have a successful consulting business:

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Consulting Business

How to Quit Your 9 to 5 Job to Start a Consulting Business

Do you want to start a consulting business?

Since the beginning of time, we have had this weird misconception that we are supposed to be working every day of our lives and that it should be a punishment. There are many people all over the world who work common 9 to 5 jobs and hating every second of it. Why do they do this? Because it has become part of the norm. It seems to be acceptable to just sit back, do what you are told, and retire at the age of 65 to enjoy long walks on the beach with your wife or husband.

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